Chargebacks vs Refunds


Do you know the difference between chargebacks and refunds?
Do you know the importance of this difference for your company’s financial reports?
Do you know which companies have refunds AND chargebacks and what the difference is?

A chargeback comes with a fee, usually around $20 per chargeback.

A dispute or a claim is simply a refund of a sale, without any added fees.
PayPal and Amazon give those two options.
Shopify does not… These are just a few examples.

Does your back end/platform have the necessary reporting structure?

Does your back end/platform have the necessary structure to stop fraudulent transactions for manual review before you capture payments?

I am starting a series on this subject and will start giving you information that is critical to any company that sells online, whether tangible or intangible goods.

If you need help or don;t know how to set up your company to deal with those issues, simply email me, stockmalm at



Το χρέος

ο Γιώργος Χουδαλάκης

H EIKONA του καταβεβλημένου Aκη Τσοχατζόπουλου δικαιολογεί την οριακή απόφαση για την αποφυλάκισή του. Ο άλλοτε πανίσχυρος υπουργός χρειάζεται φροντίδα που δύσκολα θα μπορούσε να έχει ως έγκλειστος στον Κορυδαλλό. Ομως, το γεγονός ότι ο ίδιος αποτελεί σκιά του παλιού εαυτού του δεν αποτινάσσει από πάνω του τις σκιές του παρελθόντος. Η έξοδος από την φυλακή με δόσεις love story καθώς και το πρώτο πρωινό ελευθερίας, προβλήθηκαν διακαναλικά.

«Δικαιολογημένο» σε μια χώρα που καταναλώνει αμάσητες μεγάλες ποσότητες life style. Εντελώς αδικαιολόγητες, όμως, ερωτήσεις για το «αν αισθάνεται δικαιωμένος». Αδικαιολόγητο και ο καταδικασμένος για μίζες Τσοχατζόπουλος να εξοργίζεται με ερωτήσεις για το πώς βρέθηκαν τα 200.000 ευρώ για την εγγύηση. Με διάθεση πολιτικής ρελάνς έδειξε ως υπεύθυνους για την «ταλαιπωρία» του τους Κώστα Σημίτη και Γιώργο Παπανδρέου. Αν έχει να πει, ας φανερώσει έστω και με καθυστέρηση όσα γνωρίζει. Ετσι θα αποπληρώσει το απλήρωτο χρέος της αποκάλυψης όλης της αλήθειας προς τους πολίτες που τον εμπιστεύτηκαν καθιστώντας τον πολιτικά πανίσχυρο.

ΥΓ.: Είναι χρέος κάθε ανθρώπου να δώσει πίσω στον κόσμο τουλάχιστον το ισοδύναμο αυτού που έχει πάρει από αυτόν.


Gratitude and Ego


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Personal growth goes a very long way.
A lot of people get stuck behind their ego, never move on in life, “hate” situations and never forgive and forget. They keep carrying grudges, filter the world around them through a warped lens, and live in a very definite space that makes them unhappy whether they realize it or not.
In the business and career world, personal has absolutely nothing to do with professional. Good manners, positive attitude, leaving ego aside, does not even come to the picture for those people.

Imagine landing the job of your dreams, and still feeling miserable because the whole world is against you, or so you think. This affects your performance, your communication with colleagues, bosses, team members and believe it or not your own family.
It is really so simple to live and let live, to let go. The past can only serve as lessons learned. If we use the past to dictate our attitude toward life and people around us, all we can do eventually is lose everything.

Our journey on this planet is minuscule. Before we know it, life passes and we are stuck in our 60’s, 70’s and live in regret.

I will ask one question that I kept asking in the seminars I used to teach: Someone calls you stupid. You hear the sound that these words make. Do you let it get in? Does this define who you know you are?

Your “person” your “ego” do not belong in any equation. Neither in your professional, nor in your private life.

Every human being is different, makes mistakes, learns, and moves on. By getting glued on what ifs, on past situations that can no longer be changed, on grudges, you only hurt yourself and take others down with you.

Conclusion: Live every moment in harmony, see others for who they are, never judge, never assume and never be passive aggressive. Neither your career nor your life can become better.

Last question: Which is better? Living a miserable lonely life, or being part of this huge community that is called life, enjoy all the curves and ups and downs, and keep going. Fall in bed every night knowing that you have given the world and those around you the very darn best that you can EVERY SINGLE DAY!

This will only give you back loyal friends, colleagues, a happy family and great success at everything that you do.




WE ARE CONSTANTLY BEING SPAT ON! ‘FTISEEEEEEE!!’ (Spit!) You hear it constantly! Spitting for the Greek culture is a way of detracting any form of evil presence, taking the jinx off something and b…



Boosting your Business


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I have met lately a lot of people really confused by all the Social Media hype, the marketing webinars, and are at a total loss.
I am not talking about the young person who wants to start a career as a blogger and tries to monetize a blog and swims in the depths of webinars.
I am talking about Business owners that are not in the tech industry.
Chiropractors, businesses that offer services, shops that need more clients, whether they are spas, beauty salons, etc.

There is a pretty simple formula that can help your business. All you need is to learn the basic ropes, and then follow up. Don’t be afraid of the big bad web. If you learn how this all works in a few easy steps, you will see results.

Contact me and I will create a complete package for your business, show you how it all works and what it all means.

We all need our business to succeed, we all need to receive the best for what we offer.

I am waiting for your email, call, Facebook message. Whatever works for you.

I am here to help untangle the mental blocks, and take the fear away of the unknown.


The decoder — For Greeks Worldwide

The names in the Boyarns, Lagarde lists etc., look like pieces of a puzzle. The available data does not answer all questions for the welder of this mosaic puzzle. It is like the creator of this enigma constructed a maze of parallel accounts and a code to make its solution impossible. Faltsiani seems to be able to play the role…

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One can disagree with periods of Jean-Claude Juncker’s political path, however his European sense is hardly debatable, as well as his ability to recognize and identify the risks for the European project. When, after the new terrorist attack in Brussels, others were quick to declare that “Europe is at war” and others self-vindicated the policy…

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SOURCE: GREEKNEWSAGENDA Four Greek companies were selected last month among the top 110 European companies distinguished on February 7th as the finalists and “Ruban d ‘Honneur” 2015/2016 recipients of the prestigious European Business Awards (EBAs). The businesses advanced to the next and final phase of the competition, which will announce the winners in each of the 11 categories at …

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