Stefanos, was very kind to reply to all our questions, which we appreciate very much! Thank you to a great and humble inspiration of our times.
Here it is:


IMG_1042Q: Was there a specific moment that inspired you to get involved with music?
Stefanos: There was no specific moment, everything evolved by itself. But there were certain circumstances such as the fact that my home had a piano and great love for good music. I grew up with beautiful sounds that may have awoken the musical element in my DNA. The occurrence happened, when my father took me to see my first film “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”. When we returned home, my mother asked me what I understood from the movie and I told her that I loved the music and I sat at the piano and played the music theme with my own variations. I was four years old. I cannot explain how and why, besides there will be many children protégés. I was one of them too. As I said, there were great teachers and music at the time.

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