Serafeim Kotrotsos writes:
The other day the Greek Parliament debated the amendment of State minister Nikos Pappas for more than ten hours, to pass to the Grand Chamber the powers of the procedure and the number of licenses for television stations that would be granted to private companies by the Greek State. “Discussing”, is used euphemistically, because what was heard was a little (?) heavy to say the least, even for the Parliament of the last 5 years of memoranda.

I do not recall ten hours of such acute conflict even when wages and pensions were cut, or when they were passing mediums and legislative acts in a heartbeat. Nor when acts and omissions by any bank administrations and public bodies were decriminalized (always via amendments ). Or when “irresponsibility” was offered  to political parties heavily in debt, for incapable party loans serviced.

And, of course, I do not remember such “passion” from MP’s for all those measures -on previous governments but also on current- that impoverished an entire nation plunged the economy into recession.

What is it that excites the reflexes of everyone, when it should be a problem that ought to be common ground of all parties, pro and against the memoranda?

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