For those of you who don’t know Anna Vissi, we start with her bio:

Anna Vissi was born on December 20th, 1957 in Cyprus. Totally unsuspected for the rock tornado they have brought in the world, her parents, Nestoras & Sofoula Vissi, welcomed their second out of their three daughters in total. They soon noted that because of this child they found themselves playing in their own “One star is born” when their little Anna obliges them to sign her up for piano and dance lessons in the National Conservatory at the tender age of six. As expected, at the turbulent age of thirteen, Anna convinced them to let her participate in a song contest of ΡIK TV Station where she certainly triumphs. The stubborn and gifted girl starts piano concerts along with her talented sister Lia and they both conquer the audience. “First we take Cyprus, then we take the world..” they would say if they could fast forward in the future……
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